ET 5000 Foundation in Linguistics

Communicative competence in English using current topics on language teaching selected from journal articles, newspapers, internet articles and selected business correspondence textbook(s) as teaching materials with principal focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing skills.  

ET 6301 Language Teaching Methodology

History of language teaching methods, definitions of language and learning, teaching reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, post-methods, evaluating learning and research on methods.

ET 6302 Advanced Communication Skills

Theories of communication, organizational communication structures, classroom communications, feedback, social and cultural issues, linguistics aspects of communication, psychological issues, testing and evaluation.

ET 6303 Grammar, Meaning, and Discourse              

Grammatical tool at the level of text making explicit the role of grammar and lexis, how we represent our experience of the world, how we use language to interact, how we shape our meaning into text both spoken and written language.

ET 6304 Materials and Multimedia Development in ASEAN Contexts 

Links between approach, method, syllabus and materials design, application of  theories of materials and task evaluation to language learning materials, authentic texts and media for creating listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary materials for the Asian context based on theories of language learning and acquisition.

ET 6307 Language Acquisition Studies

Various theories concerning how people learn languages, instructional models, learning styles, psychological and sociological dimensions of learning, appropriate theories and models in different cultural contexts of language learning.

ET 6308 Sociology of Language

Roles and functions of variety in language in social relations for communicative activities, and how they enable people to create, maintain and further their lives with focus on the social dimensions of communicative competence and how it is learned and taught, theoretical and classroom praxis.

ET 6309 Theory and Practice of Reading and Writing

Survey of theories, schema theory of reaching and writing genre approach, process approaches, testing and evaluating learners’ reading and writing.

ET 6310 Seminar in Language Learning and Teaching

Seminar in issues related to teaching and managing bilingual and international schools in Asia, national and international policies, standards in education and multilingualism, analysis of problems and formulation of solutions, analysis of case studies and ethical decision-making.   

ET 6201 Teaching Practice and Microteaching

Teaching, designing lesson plans, writing tests and examinations and managing a section of an English course for one semester. Students receive three formal assessments, regular conferences with the practicum coordinator. Microteaching, reflective and reflexive aspects of teaching to enhance learning experience.

ET 6401 English as a World Language

Reasons for the development of English as world language, historically, geographically and functionally, ideological issues of the hegemony of English in new cultural settings, seeing new varieties as natural and normal in terms of the globalization of a language.

ET 6403 Inter-cultural Issues 

Cultural influences on language, teaching, learning methodology, materials and management, issues related to how being insensitive to local cultures in teaching and learning English can impede learning, ways to harness cultural issues in multicultural and multilingual contexts and  research on cultural aspects of reading, writing and speaking.

ET 6411 Conversation:  Conversation and Pedagogy

Analysis of basic processes of dyadic discourse to find how people negotiate their meaning purposes in English and other Asian languages, exchange structure and interactive, interpersonal communicative purposes, discourse strategies and rhetorical style  from cross-cultural perspectives and implications from spoken discourse for classroom praxis and curricular developments.

ET 6413 Critical Discourse Analysis

Discourse and society, discourse and the media, constructing and deconstructing media messages, discourse and language, discourse interpretation, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics.

ET 6414 Multilingualism in Education

Multilingual interaction, social, interpersonal and pedagogical issues in multilingual education and case studies of multilingual programs.

ET 6415 Language Testing and Evaluation

Norm and criteria referenced testing, 4 skills testing, progressive assessment, statistical analysis of tests, commercial tests, course evaluation.

ET 7101 Thesis I

Introduction, Background, Rationale, Aims, Research Question, Significance, Literature Review, Description of Research Methodology used.

ET 7102 Thesis II

Data Collection and Analysis, Findings, Answers to Research Questions, Discussion, Conclusion, Limitations, Further Research, References, Appendices.

ET 7200 Thematic Paper

In consultation with a supervisor, the student will be expected to write a 7,000 word thematic paper on a topic of interest.

ET 7300 Action Research

In consultation with a supervisor, the student will be expected to conduct an action research project in a classroom setting and write a 7,000 word report on the project.