Welcome to the Graduate School of English at Assumption University of Thailand. We envision ourselves the breeding hub of English teachers for the 21st century and the research laboratory of ELT practitioners. 

We offer an array of interactive, dynamic and inspiring courses to make you exceed your potential as an ELT practitioner and find your niche and interests in the whirlpool of multidisciplinary research. The flexibility of our programs and the available options- designed to cater to new graduates as well as those already employed and in pursuit of further degrees, are to help pave the way to your career achievements and academic growth. At the moment, we are undergoing the modification of our courses and programs to better answer to the needs of our diversified student body and the ever-changing challenges of the ELT arena.

Thank you for your interest in our school and programs and we look forward to meeting you on our campus. 


Asst.Prof.Linchong Chorrojprasert, Ph.D. 


Graduate School of English