Master of Arts in English Language Teaching (MA ELT)

Demand for the teaching of English in Thailand continues to increase. English is accepted as the international medium of communication in business, politics, science and technology, the mass media, tourism and information and is the language predominantly used on the Internet. It is viewed by governments as an indispensable tool of development and by individuals as the language of opportunity for career advancement.

Notwithstanding the widespread acceptance of the need for English in Thailand, there are relatively few opportunities for English teachers to upgrade their knowledge and skills in teaching it. The program will therefore meet the demand for professional development among suitably qualified teachers in Thailand and the neighbouring countries.

The program is based on the conviction that teachers need a well–founded, principled understanding of their practice. It reviews the current state of knowledge from a critical point of view, thus encouraging teachers to develop their own opinions on problematic issues. It also takes into account the specific context of teaching English in Thailand and the region. This Asian perspective is a unique feature of the program.