EG 5000 Research Methodology in English Language Studies

Epistemological aspects of research in English language and various methods used to collect, analyze and discuss data pertaining to the candidate’s research area, fundamentals of research design, the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, and reporting conventions, and practical study skills, work on note – taking/making, library research, internet access, and report writing.

EG 7201 Dissertation Stage I (Background Reading and Discussion)    

This phase will present the rationale, objectives and background of the study. The research questions will be stated. The definition of terms (where necessary) will be given as well as the overall organization of the dissertation. (Background Reading and Discussion)

EG 7202 Dissertation Stage II (Literature Review and Methodology) 

This phase should be a review of the relevant literature based on the research questions. The review should begin with the broader aspects of areas relevant to the research and move to studies specifically related to the research at hand. It is important to cover the major but recent research in the field. (Literature Review and Methodology)

EG 7203 Dissertation Stage III (Seminar I, Formal Proposal Defence and Research/ Conference Paper 1)

This phase should present the research context, the subject(s) under study and any other relevant details which are deemed important to the study. Methods of data collection and the process of analysis should be explained. (Seminar I, Formal Proposal Defence and Research/ Conference Paper 1)

EG 7204 Dissertation Stage IV (Data Collection and Research/ Conference Paper 2)    

This phase should present the data collected (questionnaires, interviews, transcripts, written texts etc.). This should be the most substantial part of the dissertation but only the relevant data should be presented in this chapter, more extensive data should be placed in the Appendices and referred to. (Data Collection and Research/ Conference Paper 2)                

EG 7205 Dissertation Stage V (Analysis of Data and Seminar 2) 

This phase should present a detailed analysis of the data with direct reference to each research question. Discussion of the significance of the findings would also take place here. Tables, charts, diagrammatical representations can be used where relevant in order to clarify the findings. (Analysis of Data and Seminar 2)

EG 7206 Dissertation Stage VI (Conclusions, Final Defence and Research/ Conference Paper 3)

The main conclusions should be discussed in this phase and presented in a summarized form. Only conclusions that can be justifiably drawn from the findings of the research should be made. This final chapter should be sufficiently succinct and clearly expressed to enable readers to understand what research has been done and what the conclusions can be drawn. Reference should be made to books, articles, internet sources etc., that have been cited or referred to in the dissertation. References should appear in alphabetical order. (Conclusions, Final Defence and Research/ Conference Paper 3)